Bradford White Product Website


Custom WordPress Design

Photoshop .psd files into WordPress responsive design web pages. Custom Widgets and Landing Pages for Homeowner, Contractor, Specifier, Wholesaler and Builder. Custom Revolution Sliders using the arc design and transparent .png files. There were 2 versions of the custom arc, the first was replaced with a faster, cleaner mega-menu option.

Custom Resource Center was something that came up after the re-design. Adding it into the arc design and keeping it clean like it was there from the start was my goal. Custom Icons that enlarge on hover are a quick link to the common places homeowners are looking to land.

The shelf looks like its floating on the page, clean and simple.


Main Navigation Landing Pages


Less Clicks Means More Views

Custom Mega-Menu for US, Canada and International Bradford White products. Less clicks in, faster to documents and specs, faster to related videos and features. This was the best way to keep the user on the page and not frustrated with finding the product they need.


Warranty & Parts Portals, RightSpec Tools

Need a replacement part? Update your warranty? RightSpec Tools for Builders, Specifiers, Contractors, Homeowners and everyone looking to calculate their hot water needs.

Giving plumbers the tools they need at their fingertips is essential to making your product line grow. Replace any existing hot water heater with a Bradford White version cross reference makes that happen with a few clicks.



Complete website redesigns and micro sites for corporate, products, reps and professional installers, sales meetings, document sharing and more.

Each phase in this redesign was prebuilt in photoshop before doing any Wordpress layouts. The original arc design was used until the top navigation became too large to contain all the info.

Dark and light versions were designed with an even mix of both as the final design.