Direct Energy, Aritron

Staying In Touch With Customers

The name of the game today is customer satisfaction. So with thousands of service contract customers, that you only see a few times a year, how do you keep them engaged? For Airtron, it’s a semi-annual newsletter that provides tips, company information and reminds them why they signed up for the contract in the first place. Customer retention is at an all time high.

Welcome Home Takes On A Whole New Meaning

A primary function of Airtron’s business is the installation of new HVAC systems in residential new construction housing developments. So, the challenge became how do they convert a person with a new home into a lifelong customer. Knowing that 60% of their business was coming from contract customers, our team prepared a 2-year program to bring new homeowners on board as a contract customer. This was completed through a series of direct mail pieces and electronic media.

What’s In A Name?

For this Direct Energy subsidiary, it was important to maintain its legacy names of Airco and Airtron, while still building its brand. Through the use of newly created logos, colors and fonts, we were able to accomplish both goals.

An Image Upgrade That Means Business

To meet ever changing best practices for websites and mobile design, Airtron needed a facelift on their individual websites. While selling furnaces and air conditioners online isn’t an option for Airtron, we found that driving traffic to simple forms and quick information that was essential in creating viable sales leads. Through strong content and SEO, Airtron traffic continues to grow and calls increase year over year.

Mobile Design For E-Commerce

With nearly 50% of their customers coming to their site via their smartphones, Airtron needed smart mobile design. Customers wanted to renew and purchase agreements online and, more importantly, from their phones. Our team designed a user-friendly online store that could be used 24/7. Service agreement purchases are up 25%.


Branding In A Fragmented Market

More than 10 years ago, Direct Energy US Home Services was looking for an agency that could coordinate their fragmented marketing efforts. MGA stepped in and branded Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning through cohesive designs, strategic planning and results driven marketing. For Airtron, it was important to maintain its local market presence, while still achieving the corporate goals of developing a brand.

Farming For Leads With Database Driven Direct Mail

Direct mail sent to a large existing database has successfully grown the air conditioning and furnace replacement business for Airtron. By breaking their data into functional customer categories, MGA developed direct mail campaigns to target customers based on their home comfort needs. Combining the direct mail with email marketing and website landing pages, we were able to dramatically increase our response rates.